Dr. Delatte explains how he discovered PBA and why he felt impelled to teach others this method.

………”My clinic,(…)was never empty, I worked 12 hours a day, six days a week, yet I could not meet the demand. At certain times, there was a 3 month waiting list for an appointment. Then one day, the gentle whirring quietness (…)of this clinic which functioned so well, of the patients so happy, at times ecstatic by the results, my sweet quietness of a practitioner who has found a method apparently extraordinary (….)collapsed. Because of a simple phrase.

I will never forget this. A friend who was a psychiatrist and buddhist, who had entrusted me with his children, who had seen the results, entered my office and said to me: “What you have received, you must share” (….)(after much thought, I decided) I must share, teach what I have discovered, which did not belong to me alone. I must diffuse as much as possible the PBA, this extraordinary discovery.

Since then, all over the world, I animate trainings, I teach people to be independent, to do themselves, daily, the PBA circuits so they can be energetically better every day, to overcome their depression, (…) their obsessions, their anger, their stress. I teach them a new way of living. (…)

And I train, bit by bit, a whole troop of practitioners, for them to come and help, so that what I have succeeded to establish in (my clinic in) Numea is diffused as much as possible. (…) It’s my deepest wish: (to) share with you this magnificent method that PBA is.

But the story of PBA doesn’t stop here…It leads onto yet another adventure even more exultant. Because, in a revolutionary way, PBA also permits (..) the rapid elimination, durable and painless, of the emotional blocks that sabotage our existence….much more rapidly than the majority of existing psycho-therapies; (…) this can change the life of thousands of people, as it has already done, in the hands of those practitioners, thousands of them, that I have trained and continue to train.

(…)(A block) could be for example a lack of self confidence, or a fear to speak in public, or a fear to lack money. The individual who suffers from this often believes these elements are a part of his nature, that they are traits of character, however they are in fact not so at all, they are negative aspects that have been patched onto his true identity, that prevent him from blossoming. (…)To find the blocks, I thought of using a property well known to kinesiologists, a knowledge that all that which disturbs us disturbs our nervous influx. And that that disturbance, I will explain it later in detail, is reflected in particular by a modification in the pulse. (…)

I had already learned a long time ago, to use this particularity to identify, for example, the trace elements that a patient may need; I also used this, in my clinic, to determine which products, essences, essential oils etc. that may trigger in certain patients an outbreak of eczema on contact with them: each time I put a particular product in contact with the skin of the person, if the pulse changed, it meant that the product was disturbing.

I therefore decided to see if we could apply this phenomenon, purely energetic, to thoughts: if we are talking about the principle that thoughts are a form of energy, then all disturbing thoughts must surely be translated into a modification of the pulse. (…) This hypothesis was absolutely verified: if I asked for example a man to say “I am a girl,” his pulse would disappear instantly; the same result if I asked a man named Jacques to say “My name is Joseph”.(…) I deducted that, since the emotional blocks (…)were inevitably disturbances, since they were not, by definition, a part of the profound identity of the person who presented them, but on the contrary spoiled their existence, they must strongly disturb the pulse of those who were affected.

That is to say, if we leaf through a list of blocks, potential disturbances, by taking the pulse of a person, in a particular way that I will show later, each time that we register a modification of the pulse, it will be, logically, that we have identified a block that the person has presented. I experimented, and it proved absolutely conclusive; each time that I verbalised a block that affected a person, I felt their pulse disappear. I repeated the experiment ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times, and each time, without fail, the pulse gave me a response. Taking the pulse replaced kineseology.

Since then I have taught this technique to hundreds of people in the trainings I organise, (…) I realised that verbalising the block that the person presents, at the same time as we use a particular PBA circuit, causes it’s immediate disappearance. This was irrefutably verified (…) and believe me, peoples lives changed in a radical way, when they were depolluted from their inner saboteurs that are their blocks. (…)it left the need, that which took me some years, to organise, sort out, enrich the list of blocks, to make them coherent, to verify them, in more than thirty thousand consultations, so that we can really (…) permit (a person) to start a new life, in harmony with their “original programming,” their present being detoxified of all the noxious air left by the unhappy experiences lived in the past, since infancy, even for some in the womb. (…) These experiences that created conditioning, emotional blocks, (…) that seem to be character traits. But they are actually blocks that have nothing to do with their profound identity, and that cause at the same time, without their knowledge, a great psychological suffering.

And so! It is this technique of cleansing the blocks, of detoxification of the present, that you will now find in this book that you hold in your hands.”

Author Dr. Pierre-Noël Delatte – Éditeur Guy Trédaniel, – from the introduction, page 8.

A brief translation by Desbina, I apologise in advance for any mistakes.


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