• "I have known Desbina for 17 years and was a client of hers in Paris. In the beginning I was a massage client, when she was formed as a PBA therapist, I also became a PBA client. Desbina's massages are excellent. And when she was giving massages, she did much more than 'just giving massages'. I consider here a great therapist: she is very committed to (the health of) her patients, she is very discrete, gentle, has a good listening ear. I did introduce her to my husband, who very much liked her massages too and we have been regular clients. As such, when she was formed as a PBA therapist, I did not hesitate a second to try a session for myself and also had her treat my children (twins). I recently looked it up and my children have had PBA sessions with Desbina at 3-and-a-half, 4-and-half and 5-and-half years old. The impact on their behaviour was visible, in most cases subtle, but in several cases just astonishing. After a PBA session, my children would find again their 'natural' behaviour. One of them, for example, would since then be much less/no longer in opposition against me, and the child's behavioural crisis (screaming at every minor contrariety) disappeared. In general, the children would regain the confidence a child naturally has and would become again the natural beings you would like a child to be. I am very sad that Desbina decided to leave Paris, because we - as a family - have lost an exceptional therapist."

    Esther France
  • "Desbina est avant tout une belle personne qui s’occupe et prend soin de vous. Ses massages ebdomadaires ont transformé ma vie. Grâce à elle, j’ai retrouvé l’énergie de mes 30 ans et j’ai pu faire face à des agendas professionnel et personnel très chargés en gardant une forme psychique et physique de qualité. Chaque massage me reconnecte avec mon énergie et j’en sors renforcée. Ce RDV est devenu un moment incontournable de mon équilibre au quotidien. Desbina est un cadeau de la vie, pleine d’ondes positives qui m’ont fait tellement de bien. Merci Desbina!"

    Carolyne De La Palme Paris
  • ENGLISH TRANSLATION – "Desbina is above all a beautiful person who occupies herself with taking care of you. Her weekly massages have transformed my life. Thanks to her, I re-found the energy I had at 30 years of age and I was able to manage my full agenda, both professionally and personally, while keeping a harmonious and vibrant state of being, psychologically and physically. Each massage reconnected me to my energy and vitality and re-enforced me. This rendezvous became a moment of absolute necessity for making my day to day life harmonious. Desbina is one of life’s gifts, full of positive energy, who benefited me so much. Thank you Desbina!"

    Carolyne De La Palme Paris
  • "Desbina took care of my 6 year old son when he had behavioural troubles after I became separated from his mother. The sessions were easy for a boy of his age and it allowed him to become calm again. After some time, he completely lost all his anger and his confusion. With the kindness and the clarity of Desbina, the PBA technique is very effective for regaining balance again in the case of situations that cause disharmony in one's life."

    Stephane Fellici for Anton France
  • And for me: "Each session of PBA allowed me to let go of more and more burdens of the past, that were still making echoes in my present time through different kinds of blocages and tensions. The simple and non judgement way that Desbina lead the process was beyond my expectations. The sessions were as good and efficient as taking a delicate and warm internal shower-: a gentle and effective way of becoming light and peaceful again!”

    Stephane Fellici France
  • "Pendant des années à Paris en France, j'ai reçu des massages et également de la théraphie PBA de la part de Desbina. Cela a toujours un enchantement. Efficace, profond avec le don de savoir comment soulagé les douleurs et les tensions."

    Morgane Gottschalk MBSR Teacher President MBCP-Mindfulness Based Childbirth & Parenting, Paris
  • ENGLISH TRANSLATION – "For many years in Paris France, I received massages and also PBA Sessions from Desbina. It was always wonderful. Effective, profound with the gift of knowing how to relieve pains and tensions."

    Morgane Gottschalk MBSR Teacher President MBCP-Mindfulness Based Childbirth & Parenting, Paris
  • "Desbina has been massaging me every week for 6 years. This moment of pleasure and relaxation was a real treat. Not only did I feel relaxed after an hour of Desbina’s treatment, but the deep relaxation also showed on my face! And Desbina is not only a good masseuse, she is also a great, curious, cultured, farseeing person with whom I enjoyed conversations over a number of subjects. I do highly recommend putting a Desbina routine into one’s life!"

    Pauline Charneau Professional coach - Paris
  • "Chère Mme Collins, je voulais vous remercier pour votre aide, depuis des années je souffrais d’angoisse qui me paralysé, j’ai fait beaucoup de chose pour me débarrasser de mes angoisses et grace à vous oui grace à vos seance de P.B.A. vous m’avez aidée, merci merci je me sent comme libérer. Cordialement, Mme Charni"

    Mme Charni Paris
  • ENGLISH TRANSLATION – "Dear Mme Collins, I would like to thank you for your help, for many years I suffered from anxiety that paralysed me, I tried many things to free myself from my anxieties and thanks to you, yes thanks to you and your PBA sessions, you have helped me, thank you thank you, I feel liberated. Kind Regards, Mme Charni"

    Mme Charni Paris
  • “I can’t recommend a massage with Desbina strongly enough. She is a truly talented and experienced massage therapist who can easily adapt to the specific needs of her client. She is multi-talented and intuitive. Treat yourself to a massage with Desbina and I am sure that, you will be hooked, like me! Enjoy.”

    Erica B Newcastle, Maine (formerly Paris, France)
  • "Desbina was a constant source of renewal and energy for me the twelve years I knew her in Paris. Meeting shortly after I arrived at 63, I enjoyed weekly massages until she moved away when I was 75. She helped me make a strong, relaxed and healthy transition between living in the States and France. Lucky you Australia! Enjoy!"

    Katherine Converse An American in Paris
  • J ai reçu très régulièrement les massages de Desbina, c est tout un voyage! Le massage commence par des pressions souples sur tout le corps, un vrai délice où l on abandonne pensées et soucis pour entrer immédiatement dans la relaxation, puis un travail d alternance sur les points d énergie et les tensions musculaires en profondeur vous entraîne dans une détente propice au sommeil ou dynamisante selon vos besoins : un rééquilibrage global absolument remarquable. Absolument à découvrir!

    Claudine Reinhard - CEO Paris
  • ENGLISH TRANSLATION – I regularly received massages from Desbina, it’s quite a journey. The massage commences by soft pressing over the whole body, truly delightful as we abandon thoughts and worries to enter immediately into a state of relaxation; then she works alternately deeply pressing the energetic points and the muscular tensions, leading you into a relaxation that favours either a state of deep sleep or an energising reinforcement, depending on your needs: a total realignment that is absolutely remarkable. An absolute must to discover.

    Claudine Reinhard - CEO Paris
  • Desbina massaged myself and my husband over a period of 10 years in Paris. She is highly trained, has great hands and a 6th sense for keeping the body in tune. We recommend her unconditionally.

    Sally Alexander Melbourne
  • J ai fait une séance de PBA pour mon petit garçon de 7 ans avec Desbina. J ai été très surprise de la voir me dire des ressentis de Théophile liés à des faits de sa naissance qu elle ne pouvait pas connaître...Théophile a senti , dans son histoire, le fait qu il ne doit pas déranger car il avait des parents très occupés quand il est né. Depuis sa séance, Théophile prend de plus en plus « sa » place et est déterminé - tout en douceur- à l affirmer chaque jour un peu plus. Merci Desbina.

    Caroline De La Palme Paris
  • English Translation - I arranged a seance of PBA for my little boy of 7 years old with Desbina. I was very surprised to have her explain the feelings of Théophile related to the circumstances of his birth that she had no way of knowing….Théophile had felt, in his personal story, the sensation that he must not disturb as he had parents who were very busy at the time of his birth. Since her session, Théophile takes more and more “his” place and is determined - in a gentle manner - to affirm himself more and more each day. Thank you Desbina.

    Caroline De La Palme Paris