“The foundation of inner harmony is a healthy energetic system, which PBA makes possible for anyone.” 

“During my decades-long practice as a General Practitioner, I could not help observe certain mind-boggling therapeutic results, which were not obtained by official medicine.(….) I decided to search for answers. (…..) My investigations, research, experiments, and a selection of elements that could be amalgamated for the best results eventually produced a kind of melting pot. All this took me a long time, but my constant preoccupation and priority remained simplicity and rapidity of action to fight the enormity of pain within and around us.” Page 1


“In order to understand how Five Point Touch Therapy/PBA works, we need to briefly explore the concept of vital energy (….)(which) has a deep influence on our health and our comfort. Not only does it have an impact on our physical health and our survival, it is also responsible for our mental and emotional balance” Page 12 “Health problems manifest themselves when energy is congested or when it’s stimulation is too high or too low.” Page 13

“The energy that goes to our brain and feeds it originates in a large part from our thoughts. Thought is pure energy(….) This is a concept made familiar by Quantum Physics. Just observing the way we feel when we are speaking to an angry person makes us aware that we are dealing with fields of energy: (…..)that energy originates from his thoughts and radiates out powerfully.(…) On the contrary, the energy of love coming from a person in love is warm, powerful and beautiful. Unsurprisingly, each time we charge our brain with negativity, our “voltage” decreases, and this is what makes us unable to cope with our challenges.” Page 15

“This is where five point touch therapy comes in. By stimulating certain specific PBA circuits, an energy antidote will start flowing; in a matter of minutes, our energy will be restored;” Page 16

“The foundation of inner harmony is a healthy energetic system, which PBA makes possible for anyone.”  Page 18


“My father, Doctor Pierre-Noël Delatte passed away unexpectedly on the 5th of August 2012. He had dedicated the past 20 years of his life to developing and sharing a technique that helped thousands of people around the world. His biggest desire and mission on this Earth was to help people. He loved humanity and spent his life improving the lives of as many individuals as possible. He believed strongly in preventative health care rather than curative methods and this led to the development of psycho-bio-acupressure (PBA). Through PBA he was able to help people liberate themselves from the negative impacts of traumatic experiences. He dreamed of a world with enough PBA practitioners and educators so that everyone would have access to this healing method. He lived his life with great faith and humanity in everything that he did. He has left a great legacy on this Earth and will continue to help people through his books and the excellent team that he formed at Delatte Institute of Psycho-Bio-Acupressure. We loved him and thank him for creating and sharing this wonderful method and new way of life”

Alexandre Delatte, Page 196

From the book “Five Point Touch Therapy-Acupressure for the Emotional Body” by Dr. Delatte, translated into English through Inner Traditions International/Published by Healing Arts Press from the French “Cinq Points un point c’est tout!” published by Guy Trédaniel Éditeur –

Dr. Delatte has written 4 books:

– 5 POINTS – UN POINT C’EST TOUT! – Dr. Pierre- Noël Delatte
(translated to English, FIVE POINT TOUCH THERAPY – Acupressure for the Emotional Body)

– CINQ POINTS POUR MON ENFANT – Dr. Pierre- Noël Delatte

– 5 POINTS POUR MON BÉBÉ – Dr. Pierre- Noël Delatte