For about 30 years I have taken an interest in meditation as well as all aspects of well-being, the inter-relationship between the body and mind and perception. Chinese, Tibetan and Balinese energetic techniques as well as Quantum physics, mindfulness, understanding how imprints (you could say traces or memories or data) in the mind effect our physical and psychological reality, experience and perceptions; understanding methods of liberating conflicting emotions and confusions so the mind can be in it’s natural state of clarity, presence, and harmony.

I participated in many retreats, trainings and seminars and this led me to discover Psycho Bio Acupressure, this wonderful, gentle and effective method of liberating emotional blocks discovered and so generously shared by the Doctor Pierre Noël Delatte.

I trained in France with the Institute Delatte de Psycho Bio Acupressure and was working professionally as a PBA practitioner in Paris. My qualifications allow me to work on adults, children and babies. I can do sessions in English and French.

With 25 years experience in massage including working in the 5 star hotels of Paris, the Ritz, the George 5, the Maurice, the Coste,as well as working independently in Paris, I was familiar with the energetic system within the body and PBA gave me an even deeper understanding.


Firstly, by a special technique of reading the pulse, energetic disturbances can be identified. By tracing the relevant 5 Point circuit with light pressure on the body, an antidote energy to the energy that can disturb a person is released which restores the energetic balance.

This can also be learned easily by anyone and used as a daily routine of self-treatment to combat stress and protect and enhance health. See the book Five Point Touch Therapy-Acupressure for the Emotional Body by Dr. Delatte.

Secondly, with the support of the practitioner, by a special technique to analyse the pulse; because of the good energetic state and the subsequent liberation of endorphins in the brain achieved by the first part, the emotional blocks which can disturb the person are found and verbalised by the practitioner. This allows them to be evacuated gently and efficiently from the emotional brain where they have been stocked so the person can advance on the path to being in harmony with his profound identity. It is not necessary to search for details, why or when it was created for the block to be eliminated.


CERTIFICATE IN ORIENTAL THERAPIES incorporating Thai-Balinese Massage with full clinical training.
CERTIFICATE Massage Therapy and Healing Intensive Training in Bali.
DIPLOMA OF PSYCHO BIO ACUPRESSURE Institute Delatte de Psycho Bio Acupressure.



From the Blackberries of models to those of designers, the most Fashionable beauty adresses are a carefully kept secret. “Say I recommended you”-: these are the magical words which open all doors. Because in Paris the best beauty adresses are not always easy to access. (…..)

Another 5 star masseuse (…)(many celebrities) have been massaged by her), the Australian Desbina Collins practices Chinese Acupressure combined with essential oils. Unique. (…)”

By Carol Sabas


A psychological ritual, massage unknots not only physical tensions, it also detoxifies mental stress. A tactile journey to reconnect with your real self. (…) Is massage a gentle form of psychotherapy? It sounds logical when you realise that the skin and the brain both come from the same embryonic tissue. “The primary benefit of massage is that it re-focuses one’s thoughts in the present moment, explains Desbina Collins (who’s clients include celebrities (……….…) We spend our time projecting ourselves mentally into the future (or past). Focusing our attention on our body during a massage allows us to bring our mind to the present moment. This is indispensable for the release of psychological tensions. Desbina’s technique working on meridians of vital energy, “We restore the energy flow where it has been blocked by physical or psychological stress, including ancient stress to re-establish calm and balance.”(…)”

by Theodora Aspart

No. 9 2003

Desbina Collins, masseuse highly demanded by the parisien palaces, expert in “acupressure,” practices her therapeutic massages in your home. In one hour, her fairy fingers eliminate physical and psychological stress by combining acupression of the vital points and deep tissue massage with aromatic essential oils of her own composition. Regularly overworked models and stressed actresses sleep peacefully during her sessions. Why not you?


You have worked a lot in 5 star Hotels in Paris but now you massage people in their own homes. What are the advantages of this?

In the hotels time is limited. Now I discover more about the people I massage, they are in their own environment and therefore at ease, more relaxed. After the massage, they are not obliged to confront the hectic world outside; this relaxation prolongs the benefits of the massage.

–  What is the best time to receive a massage?
Most people prefer early evening hours in order to release the tensions of the day. The energies need to circulate all day long; the most important thing is to choose a suitable time which allows about an hour of relaxation after the session so that the body can stabilise and balance itself fully. Seasons are also a variable element to take into consideration. The wind and cold can bring out underlying aches and pains or emotions; a massage at this time of the year can certainly balance these particular tensions and emotions.

–  What happens during a massage?
Usually the session takes about an hour; I also always allow time to talk to the person. During the massage some people like to talk and express themselves. Others prefer to relax silently listening to music of their choice or that they have asked me to bring. The massage develops more or less in the same order. I start with the head, connecting with the body of the person, then massage down to the feet for a total surrender to relaxation. Finally I check the energetic centers by passing my hand over the body without touching it. In this way I can check that all the chakras of the body have been balanced and stimulated. Then I allow the person time to gently resurface. It is important to drink a lot of water after the session as the massage stimulates toxins to be released. If we don’t drink water to eliminate them, we can feel tired. The breathe is another element to take into consideration as it allows you to evacuate stress and toxins.

–  How can massage influence emotions?
All the organs of the body have an emotional connection. The Acupressure I practice is based on the principles of acupuncture which works on physical pain as well as emotions. For example, the liver relates to frustration and anger. The kidney relates to fear. Pressing firmly on specific points allows the body to balance the flow of vital energy. Blockages and knots disappear.


Another five-star massage therapist, this Australian lady – a former fashion designer – is a master in Chinese acupressure, which she skilfully blends with Thai-Balinese techniques and deep-tissue massage, using special essential oils. The best hotels in Paris have her on speed dial for their star clients.

by Carol Sabas, page 109


After our chat, Desbina got to work on me for an hour-long, essential-oil-fueled full-body massage. As a novice massage enthusiast, Desbina’s warm and appeasing demeanor put me at ease right away. My upper back was particularly tense, but by the end of the massage all of the residual pain and tension had disappeared — to my immense relief and gratitude. As I got to experience for myself, Desbina focuses on kneading out painful knots and easing stressed muscles, but she also hones in on sensitive pressure points to help us understand how internal organs affect our physical state. (…..) I had no idea what to expect in terms of the longer-lasting effects of her “energy-channel” work, but both immediately after the massage and for days (and even weeks!) following, I felt considerably more clear-minded, calm and emotionally balanced.

by Genevieve Sandifer


–  How do you bring your clients to a place of “peace”?
‘I asked the question but for me I already knew the answer personally. Desbina has a relaxing air about her. She speaks softly, she walks softly and she tries to remain neutral during her sessions even if she is massaging friends. She seems to not only listen to the words her clients use but also is able to keenly hear what their bodies’ are telling her. The way she puts it “You have to care about people to be a masseuse”, and ofcourse part of caring is listening.

So with her, the fear of not getting the best from a one-time massage is unnecessary. She just has a way of making you feel comfortable and at peace. A transfer of positive energies you could say. (….)Like any good student, she is always learning and trying new things through participating in mini-courses and even going abroad to learn the techniques first hand like her most recent trip to Bali. For her, it is not just learning massage techniques that help her advance, she also sees it as being critical to her career to work on herself (…) through “practice, meditation and reading”. A massage with her is a true journey and you certainly get a good sense of her passion. 20+ years of massage experience have made her an incredible practitioner and a wise woman.”

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