Psycho – because it works on the emotional body.

Bio – because it is a method that is totally natural

Acupressure – because the pressure points are used, pressing lightly with the fingers to trace a circuit on the body.

PBA/Psycho Bio Acupressure is a gentle, effective and rapid method to eliminate challenging emotional states and blocks that prevent you from blossoming to your full potential. There is no need to look for details or know the reason the disturbance or block is there for it to be eliminated. The practitioner uses a special technique to analyse the pulse which indicates emotional states or blocks which can disturb the person, then traces the corresponding 5 point circuit, an antidote energy will start flowing.


PBA helps to manage emotionally challenging states of mind, whether punctual or deep seated. It identifies and eliminates emotional blocks, mostly acquired during childhood, you could say data or information or memory stocked in the brain, that disturb you and impact heavily on your behaviour. It helps you on the path to embodying more completely who you are intrinsically, in harmony with your profound identity, your natural state.


A PBA session has two phases.

Firstly, by a special technique of analysing your pulse, energetic disturbances are identified. By tracing the corresponding Five Point circuit with light pressure on the body, an antidote energy is created and the energetic balance is restored.

This can also be learned easily by anyone and used as a daily routine of self-treatment to combat stress and protect and enhance your health. See the book Five Point Touch Therapy – Acupressure for the Emotional Body written by Dr. Pierre Nöel Delatte.

Secondly, with the support of the practitioner, by analysing the pulse and using the good energetic state achieved by the first section which has liberated endorphins at brain level, the emotional blocks which impact heavily on behaviours are identified and released, gently and efficiently, so the person can advance on the path to being in harmony with his true nature. Blocks produce compulsive comportments that generate a massive depletion of energetic resources as well as disharmony and disconnection from our real identity. They are responsible, though of course without our knowledge, for repetitive behavioural patterns or failures that we generally perceive as personal flaws such as lack of confidence, fear of rejection, of being not good enough etc. It is not necessary to search for details, how or when it was created for the block to be eliminated.

… see sections “ Dr. Delatte” and “About PBA” for further information.


ADULTS – the session will take 1 hour

CHILDREN – (accompanied by a parent or carer) 45 minutes.

BABIES – (accompanied by a parent or carer) 30 minutes The first session can take longer so allow time for this. Sessions can be done in English or French. For adults 4 or 5 sessions are recommended even though one session is very effective.

For babies 1 session is usually sufficient, to be repeated only when there are changes that could possibly create a block, such as starting crèche or kindergarten, moving house, behavioural changes in the child.